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Apr 1, 2018

Paul Elia is a nice guy. An LA-based actor, comedian, and content creator, he began his professional career in his hometown of Detroit, working on the TV show Detroit 187. Paul has appeared in dozens of television and film roles, including, notably, guest appearances on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., TNT’s Major Crimes, and the Netflix original comedy series Lady Dynamite (with Maria Bamford). An avid social media user, Paul has also contributed to and starred in numerous viral comedy videos (aggregate view count well over 50M+). Paul’s career is rapidly gaining momentum, with recently appearances on CONAN (as the sketch character ‘Brogan Dank’), All Def Digital’s wildly popular YouTube series Dad Jokes, and the highly-anticipated indie thriller Stillwater (Spring 2018 release), in which he plays the lead. Later this year, Paul will appear in Lionsgate’s Two Minutes of Fame (with Katt Williams and Jay Pharaoh).