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May 23, 2018

LEE GARLINGTON is a veteran character actress with close to 300 credits to here name. She has appeared in some of the most iconic film roles like FIELD OF DREAMS, ONE HOUR PHOTO, AKEELAH AND THE BEE, THE SUM OF ALL FEARS, SNEAKERS, COBRA, PSYCHO 2 & 3, A SMALL KILLING IN A TOWN, DO YOU REMEMBER LOVE, LOVELY & AMAZING, IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK 2 to name a few. And has been on guest-star, regular recurring role, or recurring on MAJOR CRIMES, CSI, NIP/TUCK, WILL & GRACE, TWO & A HALF MEN, THE WEST WING,  BIG LOVE, GREY'S ANATOMY, SIX FEET UNDER, HOME IMPROVEMENT, NCIS, GOLDEN GIRLS, ROSEANNE, MURPHY BROWN, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, THE KILLING and so much more!  She has worked with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Robert Redford, Morgan Freeman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Robin Williams, Candice Bergen and Rosanne Barr!